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Clarity Breathwork™ is the perfect tool for releasing unconscious imprints held in the mental, emotional and physical levels of the being. Heart of Light Clarity Breathwork™ connects us with a higher aspect of ourselves so we can let go of shame and blame, and move into self-acceptance, compassion and love. Laynah has found Clarity Breathwork™ to be an incredibly powerful tool to access and release pain, trauma and chronic conditions in the physical body as well as understanding and transforming the different patterns of lack of self love towards herself and others in her life. Breath is the greatest gift of life.

Welcome to Heart of Light Breathwork Family

Here's why our Breathers love Heart of Light Breathwork

Breathwork Benefit  1

Bring up & surrender suppressed emotions and unconscious beliefs.

Increasing physical vitality and release toxins from the cells of the physical body. 

Understand physical, emotional and mental trauma from the past.

Breathwork Benefit 2

Increase joy and pleasure in life.

Surrender and let go of anything that is keeping you from being fully present in the moment.

Awaken and enhance creativity and expression of the divinity within.

Breathwork Benefit 3

Increases one’s experience self-love, self-understanding and accelerate spiritual growth.

Bring clarity to relationship and intimacy issues.

Access expanded states of consciousness, including higher guidance.

Private Breathwork Session
One of the many reasons to breathe

Clarity Breathwork™ is the practice of circular, connected, intentional breathing for healing and attaining higher wisdom and understanding of the pain, suffering and disconnection for higher source of consciousness. In a breath work session in person, the client is comfortably lying on a massage table, fully clothed and breathes deeply for a full hour. Due to the current pandemic, our breathwork session takes place on Zoom and many have reported much wisdom and healing from the comfort of their home. As air and life force fills the body and raises the client’s vibration, anything of a lower vibration becomes conscious and can then be surrender and transformed in beneficial and uplifted energies. This includes emotions, past trauma, unconscious beliefs and habitual physical patterns. Laynah is fully present through your session, whether in person or online, to guide the client through the breathing process. She may ask the client questions to help clarify any emotions, thoughts and energy that may come up, or gently touch the body to help the client stay grounded.

One session: $170      

Special: 20% of 10 sessions: $1420

Global Heart of Light Breathwork
Monthly 2 hours on zoom

Join us Monthly for 2 hours on Zoom to reconnect to your heart and surrender to what wants to be transformed. We will build a relationship with our breath for one hour. Heart of Light community assists you in remaining into the highest and best vibration possible.

Breath is life and we welcome you to join us monthly and breathe.

With the recent global event, we meet online via zoom, you will need access to your web cam, a landing pad to lay on and a willingness to feel all that you are. 

(Zoom link emailed to registrants)                  

Donation: $15 - $50

Dates of Events:  

Sun Jan 17 / 2021 at 2pm (PST)
Sun Feb 21 / 2021 at 2pm (PST)
Sun Mar 21 /2021 at 2pm (PST)
Sun Apr 18 / 2021 at 2pm (PST)
Sun May 16 / 2021  at 2pm (PST)

Women's Breathwork 

Monthly 2 hours on zoom

We dive into our Divine Feminine and breathe into our sacred temple to remember what is it like to be a women today. Let's come together and breathe life force, love, guidance and nurturing from mother Gaia herself. 

Practitioner Section

Laynah is an alternative practitioner with a tool box filled with a mixture of skillsets. She has been on a spiritual path ever since her teen years. Her studies range from Reiki, therapeutic touch, Intuitive Medical Herbalist, 5 elements acupressure, acupuncture, Maestra de Medicina, Clarity Breathwork™ and more. She connects with worlds that are invisible to the naked human eyes and listens to higher guidances for the highest best of all who feels called to work with her. Many of her friends are from the plant kingdom and she often gets dreams about formulating herbal remedies specific to individual imbalances which works miraculously. She is well aware of pain and suffering in herself and others. She brings a heart full of love and light wherever her feet touch the ground and whom she meets. She understands traumas and abuse of many kinds. Her heart opens a matrix where love can be brought into the field of the physical form with guided wisdom that brings awareness in the experience, what she calls the gems of the earthly classrooms. She is a magician of different worlds, dimensions and level of awareness. There are realms of invisible energy bodies that offers powerful healing once these are brought into alignment with the soul purpose. Love is the greatest healer and medicine of all times. Faith of a world where we all can live in peace and harmony is her greatest attribute and wishes for everyone. Her cup is always full of love and light. 

Laynah Hélène Lafond

Qualified Clarity Breathwork ™ Practitioner

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Don't know what and how powerful breathwork session is. Here is a gift for you to receive amazing healing. Breath is life and energy as well as life force for the human form/body. Will you give yourself permission to feel your own life force and the love in your heart.

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This was my first ever experience with Breathwork. Laynah guided the session with ease and professionalism, while also leaving me feeling relaxed through the process. I was surprised by the immediacy of movement of energy through my body, and a feeling of weight having been lifted by the end of the session. The experience left me very relaxed and easy. I would highly recommend working with Laynah again.


My recent breathwork session with Laynah gave me the opportunity to look deeper into my current beliefs and re-align them with the life that I want to live. I felt very safe in her presence and her words guided me to go deeper and really question my beliefs. The overall experience was strengthening and awakening. Truly astounding is that the session was conducted online and I was able to breath in my own familiar surroundings.


During my breathwork session with Laynah I discovered traumas within myself that I have covered up for years that I had no idea about! She was able to sense what I needed even when I was resisting. Her intuition is profound and her voice was so soothing as she held such a loving and beautiful safe space for me to breathe. I highly recommend going to Laynah for your breathwork journey.


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