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Do you find it difficult to navigate this world? I HEAR YOU!

I just read someone’s post this morning on Facebook raging out his disapproval in regards to the state of this earthly world. Words such as I want out, I have enough, I can’t stand it anymore shut out of him and appeared in his post as a cry for help I’m sure. I know how this feel for I  have been there too at one part of my life. However, I have received much understanding about what is actually going on in the course of my journey. There is a powerful awakening happening at the moment with such increase in energies that the EGO is having a huge temper tantrum. It too knows there is something quite powerful revealing itself in the energetic world and wants to hang on to outdated paradigm. Our bodies are in huge transformation genetically. There are many healers who have not stepped up to their purpose and feel overwhelmed by this immense energy rise. Traumas of this world have disturbed your spirit and your energy is still scattered, as well as your spirit has loss its residence in your heart. I see many in my practice who suffer depression, loss of directions, inability to connect with others in meaningful ways and a strong dissatisfaction of themselves and others. This planet has been raising it vibrations into love and light for many years. You will not get to the new vibration by signing yourself out or staying away from people because you do not like what you feel. This new vibration is occurring exactly at the precise time to lift everyone out of suffering and create this heaven on earth that existed before the separation of soul & spirit.

In the next little while, I’ll share with you my journey with the plant spirit medicine and what they have  told me in ceremonies. This world is one of many, each of your Chakra system is a doorway to another world. But the most powerful one is that of heart Chakra. Your heart is the center of YOUR universe and bridge heaven with earth. The only things that have powers over you is the story you tell yourself. Challenge these to see the beautiful soul that you are. Plant spirit medicine wants to raise your vibrations into wellness and assist you in understand what others have hidden from you. It is time to lift the veil of confusion and bring back love and light into your heart so that you feel part of a community and a world worth living in.

I look forward to sharing my journey with you so that you feel empowered to live yours fully.

Blessings and much love to you!