Passionflower (50g)


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Passionflower (Passiflora incarnata) (50g)

Latin name: Passiflora incarnata

Common name: Passionflower

It is cooling to the body, calming to the mind, and soothing to the spirit. It can be administered as a soothing tea for children or the elderly and can help to induce a deep sleep in those that are overworked or stressed out.


A woody, hairy, climbing vine growing to 28ft (9m), whose Stems climb by means of axillary tendrils. The alternate, serrate leaves are palmately three- to five-lobed. Solitary, axillary, white flowers with a purple, blue or pink calyx crown, bloom from May to July. The fruit is an edible, many-seeded berry (maypop) almost as large as a chicken egg.

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