Here is different research information to help you understand about Plant Spirit Medicine and the importance of their gifts in today's society.

Illnesses have NOT always reached the physical form and this is why your doctor at times cannot see these in Lab result because the imbalances are still energetic.

By re-connecting to your spirit & soul, and healing/loving your demons (shadow self), you maybe able to see why your body is communicating via your pain.

The fact you do not get a diagnosis from your GP is a really a good thing because it means that your imbalances have not materialized yet, still reside in the ether and can move much quickly due to minimal damage to your physical 3D self.

The EGO loves attachments and when you receive a diagnosis, it is like having a badge of honor. This badge makes people identify to a group and it is harder to balance energies. Have you ever seen people that have relinquished alcohol for more then 20 years and still calls themselves former drinker but exhibit some of the same pattern, their liver never seem to recover, The body is a magnificent machine that knows how to repair itself. It requires no reminders to fulfill its innate functions. All we need to do is remove what blocks or creates harm to the form to recreate balance.

Emotions are Energy in Motions, when these do not circulate or are not honored, they turn against you and store themselves in your physical form causing pain. It is the only language your body has to tell you something needs your attention. However, so many people try to turn these pain off with the use of medications thus impairing this very important relationship with spirit and form.

This is my point of view so please sit with this and listen to the inner voice that will guide you to your wellness.

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