The plant spirit medicine journeys are not always easy but, in my opinion, plants are here to enlighten and awaken us to our deepest inner shaman that lies within our heart. From my own journey, healing the heart from past hurts, imagined and make up stories by the subconscious mind can keep us away from our best potential, that of being en enlighten human connected to everything and everyone. It is my goal in this page to share Medicine stories from people around the world who are able to place words to their inner journeys. I hope to share mine as well as I learn to explain them in our limited language. Once you cross the worlds, the plants and spirit give so much information that human brain often cannot put in in simple language.  This is why, connecting with the heart, and sharing stories bring about some of the pictures from the other sides.

  1. Here is Nathan Thornburgh‘s story about his own journey with Grandmother medicine. He is the co-founder of Roads & Kingdoms and is a former editor and foreign correspondent at TIME Magazine. Click on the link  for the The Root of all things story that brings about some of my own experiences while in Peru from June-August 2016.

More to follow soon